Commercial and Residential

Valdes Lawn Care & Snow Removal LLC | St. Paul Park MNFrom a single driveway to a 50-acre mall, Valdes Lawn Care & Snow Removal LLC can handle all aspects of snow & ice management. Using multiple meteorological sources, we track the storms long before they arrive. Doing this means we are prepared for the snow long before its arrival.

Valdes’ team of snow removal experts and our fleet of trucks, plows, loaders, and skid steers are ready 24 hours a day to attack every storm, no matter how large or lengthy.

In addition, we apply some of the industries newest snow & ice melting products to ensure the safety of your property long after the storm.

Whether you are a large, high traffic site that requires constant monitoring; or a small, low traffic site, the snow experts at Valdes will custom tailor a program to work for you.

Contact us for more information.  Valdes is your best choice when it comes to choosing a reliable snow removal company.

Valdes Lawn Care and Snow Removal | Minneapolis | St. Paul MNValdes Lawn Care and Snow Removal | Minneapolis | St. Paul MN

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